Are Motorcycles Cool? 5 Reasons They’re Cool And Practical.

What is it about motorcycles that capture young men’s hearts and causes them to remain passionate about motorcycles all their days!

The speed and power of motorcycles are a big draw to the biking world for many people, so I’ve included some videos of the fastest bikes on the planet within this article!

Cool biker sitting on motorcycle

So, are motorcycles cool?

Even non-riders have to admit that the image portrayed of the motorcycle is pretty cool. Think Steve McQueen on his Triumph. A Motorcycle’s design, looks, power, and sound are all pretty cool, so it’s no surprise that riding a motorcycle makes you pretty cool too! However, there are many other reasons to ride a bike than just the cool factor.

Here are 5 reasons motorcycles are cool:

  1. The looks and design of motorcycles are cool
  2. The speed of a motorcycle is cool
  3. The sound of a motorcycle is cool
  4. Motorcycles are more fun
  5. Motorcycle gear looks cool

So what is it about motorcycles that intrigues both men and women and causes them to become avid riders despite the struggles with the weather, the dangers, and the difficulties carrying your groceries home?

The freedom of the open road, the ability to get on our motorcycles and travel anywhere at any time, the sense of adventure many motorcycles bring, and the idea of being part of the motorcycle community and all that that brings is pretty cool!

Harley Davidson Indian is one cool motorcycle
This Harley Davidson is certainly a cool motorcycle

Why do people choose motorcycles over other more comfortable and more practical forms of transport?

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What Makes Motorcycles Cool?

Most riders will tell you when their fascination with motorcycles began, and for most, you will find that it started when they were young. Motorcycle riding, for many, has become less of a means of transport and more of a passionate obsession.

Why do motorcycles capture people’s hearts and minds in this way, and what is it about bikes that are so attractive to build entire communities and clubs around the riding of these two-wheeled beasts?

Cool motorcycle with Apehanger handlebars

1. The Looks And Design Of Motorcycles Are Cool

Motorcycles have been designed to be eye-catching and with a form that makes you want to look at them, examine them and pause as you walk past to get a better look. From the beginning, motorcycles presented some intrigue because of their smaller size but greater speed.

As the designs improved, the motorcycle form included not only aspects for performance but also designs to make the motorcycle appealing to the eye.

Cool Royal Enfield motorcycle
The Royal Enfield

While the design of some motorcycles remains mostly functional, the designs that capture the hearts of riders from the outset are the ones that appeal to our sense of courting danger, bringing out the inner rebel and releasing the adventurous spirit within us.

From the artwork on the bikes to the shape of the fairings, the headlights, wheel spokes, and even riding position, all invoke the feeling of being rough and ready for anything.

Most of us still have a wild side within us, and the design and looks of motorcycles are intended to appeal to that part of our personality, and this tactic seems to work quite well!

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Cool motorcycle

2. The Speed Of Motorcycles Is Cool

Modern motorcycles are probably some of the fastest vehicles on the road within the price range of the average person.

This makes them appealing to anyone who is a speed-junkie and loves the adrenalin rush that the speed of these machines can cause to rush through our veins!

Here are a few fast motorcycles:

  1. Dodge Tomahawk top speed 400 MPH
  2. Kawasaki Ninja H2R top speed 248.5 MPH
  3. MTT Y2K Turbine Superbike top speed 226.8 MPH
  4. Suzuki Hayabusa top speed 193.8 MPH
  5. Honda CBR1100XX top speed 188 MPH

This Dodge Tomahawk Is Very Fast and Cool

Watch this Kawasaki Ninja H2R GO! This is very cool!

Watch this MTT Y2K Fly! Cool!!

Here is the H2 Ninja taking on the Hayabusa

Here is the Hayabusa taking on the Honda CBR1100XX

While we are all aware that speed can be dangerous and, if used in inappropriate places and situations, it can have disastrous results, it is one of the most appealing aspects of motorcycles.

The knowledge that you have enormous amounts of power available to you at the twist of the wrist is an exhilarating feeling to many people.

The speed factor is not always a drawcard for bikers. Still, when it comes to the superbikes that have their pedigree deeply rooted in the world’s racetracks, speed is certainly one of the “cool” factors that make motorcycles attractive to many people.

Cool yellow sports bike

Speed is dangerous, but sometimes the flouting of this danger appeals to bikers and makes us willing to take the risk, drop a gear, and twist the wrist!

3. The Sound Of A Motorcycle Is Cool

The aspect of motorcycles that first catches the attention of many people is their unmistakable sound. From the scream of a high revving superbike to the thumping power of a touring bike, each bike has a sound that makes you turn your head to look when you hear it.

For some riders, this sound made their hearts beat faster and made the hairs on their arms stand up, and prompted them to take a closer look at motorcycles. Many people find that a particular bike’s sound holds a certain appeal to them, which always draws them to these machines.

Superbikes or road bikes have high revving engines that scream at high speeds, especially on the track or on the highway, where these higher speeds can be reached. Even with a fast pull-off from a traffic light, the scream of these engines turns heads and makes many people’s hearts flutter.

Off-road bikes generally have a slow, thumping beat that appeals to many riders who prefer off-road riding activities.

Even if your personal preference is a touring bike, these bikes have their own distinctive deep-throated sound that portrays their raw power, waiting to be unleashed, and the yearning to go off on an adventure creeps into our minds.

Different motorcycles have different sounds that appeal to different people and attract people to those particular bikes. The sound of a Moto Guzzi, for example, is vastly different from that of a high-revving Suzuki GSX-R. Likewise, the sound of a Ducatti is different from the unmistakable growling of a Harley-Davidson.

Each of these brands has a distinctive sound that will appeal to these bikes’ riders and keep them coming back for more. Moreso, they appeal to none bike riders and create a non-stop year-by-year new customer flow for many motorcycle dealers.

4. Motorcycles Are More Fun

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating, wild, wind-in-the-hair adrenalin rush that most riders find addictive, and it never seems to fade.

Motorcycles give people a sense of freedom that is difficult to simulate with other forms of transport.

These feelings that motorcycle riding gives us most certainly make motorcycles fun to ride, enhancing their “cool” factor in many people’s eyes.

For this reason, many riders will continue to ride motorcycles, even into their golden years. Many will exchange their fast sports bikes for more comfortable versions, but they will continue to ride. Don’t forget biking is in the blood, and once it’s there, it’s there for life!

There are certain times when motorcycles are not fun to ride, such as in inclement weather. Most riders will moan and complain about the weather when it makes for uncomfortable riding, but it will not be enough of a deterrent to make them give up riding.

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Cool Harley Davidson and BMW motorcycle

This is because once their leathers dry out and the weather gets better, the thrill of getting in the saddle again makes the bad memories of bad weather fade into insignificance.

For many, riding a motorcycle is like a drug you just can’t get out of your system.

I love riding my motorcycles and ride them in all weather conditions all year round!

5. Motorcycle Gear Looks Cool

If you like clothing that makes you look cool or gives you a particular persona, then motorcycle gear is the way to go. The coolness of motorcycle clothing is why even non-riders like to wear clothing items such as riding boots and leather jackets; because the gear is cool!

Bike clothing, from gloves to helmets, boots to leathers, are all designed to protect the rider. Bike gear is also, however, designed to elicit a certain appeal and make the rider look cool!

Let’s face it, the modern helmets for bike riders are a thing of mystique and beauty and not there just to protect the rider. Many are colorful, streamlined, and look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Cool biker sitting on a cool motorcycle

Motorcycle leathers are also designed to promote a certain image that appeals to the brotherhood of bikers. It is almost like a uniform that is worn with pride and associates you with a community of people worldwide; the clan of bikers!

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5 practical reasons why you should ride a motorcycle.

Here they are:

  1. Commuting is effortless and more enjoyable.
  2. Better for the environment.
  3. It’s good for your brain.
  4. You meet friendly people.
  5. Complete freedom.

Commuting is effortless and more enjoyable

I have commuted to work by both car and motorcycle and categorically tell you that sitting in traffic makes my blood boil! When I’m riding my bike to work, I can filter through the traffic and enjoy my ride to work. I feel energized once I arrive at the office and look forwards to the ride home throughout the day. Another bonus for me is that it’s free parking too!

Riding a motorcycle is better for the environment (That’s Cool!)

When I’m riding my motorcycle instead of driving my car, I feel like helping conserve the environment. I’m using less fuel (which is good for my pocket as well). My road usage is minimal, so I am making less of an impact on the infrastructure and roads. It’s just me (one single person), so riding my motorcycle is more efficient also.

Motorcycles are usually less expensive to service, purchase, and operate than a car, so there are also savings on my wallet and the environment in this respect as well.

Riding a motorcycle is good for your brain

While riding a motorcycle, the rider has to make many decisions continuously, which keeps your brain activity high. It is a well-known fact that the link between brain activity and long-term cognitive function is linked and can be found in many medical journals.

Motorcycling is very therapeutic, especially for those who suffer from depression and other mental health issues.

You meet friendly people

Most of my friends I have met through motorcycling. When I go for a ride on my bike, I usually end up talking with other bikers, and some have become close friends of mine. It’s cool to be able to mix and chat with other people who share my interests.

Going out for weekend rides in a group is a blast and I even met my wife through motorcycling!

Complete freedom (Really cool!)

Being able to jump on your motorcycle and ride anywhere gives you a real feeling of complete freedom. Although most of us in the motorcycling world use our bikes for convenient reasons on a day-by-day basis having the option to pack a bag and ride off into the distance for a few days or months certainly gives me the feeling of freedom.

Twist the throttle and go!


There is no doubt that motorcycles are viewed as cool, and motorcycle manufacturers perpetuate that image because it is good for business. However, this point is irrelevant to the bikers who have already been hooked by these fantastic machines themselves and developed an affinity to the lifestyle and sense of freedom that motorcycles bring.

Motorcycles awaken something primal within us, part of which is probably the fact that we control such a powerful beast of a machine, and it responds to our whim.

However, let’s not forget that motorcycles are a convenient type of transport, allowing us bikers to filter in and out of heavy traffic in towns and cities, allowing us to get to our destinations quicker. In many cases, you can park your bike for free when it would cost a small fortune to park a car, and the cost of running a motorcycle is cheaper on the pocket in many cases.

Whatever the instincts that motorcycles awaken in you, it’s most likely they will forever be seen as the coolest of all forms of transportation, and it’s also one reason most bikers are bikers for life! 

Happy riding!

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