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Benefits of a dual-sport motorcycle, dual sport motorcycle in desert

One of the most important decisions for any motorcycle owner or potential owner is choosing which motorcycle you want to purchase.

If you are choosing a motorcycle that will be your only bike, this is even more important! Finding a motorcycle that can meet all your traveling needs doesn’t have to be difficult with options on the market like the Dual-Sport Motorcycle.

The Dual-Sport Motorcycle has a road cruiser’s smoothness with the rugged look and agility of an off-road bike. The dual-sport is lightweight, street-worthy for any road travel, including commuting or long road trips, and perfect for any off-road adventures.

A Dual-Sport bike gives you both a cruiser’s options for everyday use and a dynamic off-road ability for those sharp turns, steep climbs and flowing streams you might need to cross! 

Owning an everyday motorcycle that can still take you on amazing adventures is a great option if you are looking for the perfect motorcycle that gives you everything you need!

The Most Important Characteristics Of A Dual-Sport Bike

The concept behind the Dual-Sport bikes’ creation was to build something with the versatility that can meet most motorcycle riders’ needs and expectations and exceed them.

One benefit is that these bikes come in different categories of engine size and overall weight. Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight options with suitable engine sizes are all options to meet your specific riding needs.

Your riding style and purpose for buying a Dual-Sport bike will affect the type and size bike you will need. While all Dual-Sport bikes will handle road or off-road travel, choosing the right fit will be hugely beneficial in the long run.

If most of your time on a motorcycle will be spent off-road, choosing a lighter bike with an engine size of 400cc or below will be easier to maneuver when in tricky situations and pick up if you fall off.

If most of your time on the bike will be spent commuting, then a bigger bike with a 650cc engine or larger may be a better choice.

Dual-Sport Motorcycles have most of the characteristics of normal dirt bikes, with a few changes making them worthy for street traveling and slightly more comfortable for longer distances.

Here is a list of important characteristics of a Dual Sport Motorcycle:

  1. Single-cylinder 250cc-650cc engine
  2. Motocross style seat that is long and flat
  3. It doesn’t come with a windscreen
  4. Spoked Wheels
  5. Small Gas Tank
  6. High Front Fender
  7. Minimal Body Work
  8. Crash Protectors
  9. Geared For Low-Speed Trails
  10. High Ground Clearance
  11. 21″ Large Front Wheel
  12. High Bars For Stand Up Riding

A major benefit of the Dual-Sport motorcycle is that it is extremely versatile and can take you to your destination, whether on or off-road.

Small extra features have been added to the off-road look of Dual-Sport bikes to make them compliable with road travel requirements.

The Dual-Sport comes with important road worthy features like:

  1. Speedometer
  2. Lights
  3. Horn/Hooter
  4. Muffler
  5. Mirrors
  6. License Plates

The Dual-Sport also comes with the necessary tires, handling, and suspension for transitioning from the highway to any off-road trail.

The Dual-Sport’s long and flat seat offers space on the seat behind the rider were a duffel bag or backpack can be placed and kept safely and comfortably. There is also enough room to carry extra luggage when going on long road trips, such as camping gear, extra clothing, and accessories.

The height of a Dual-Sport motorcycle is normally one of the first things people notice about the bike. Dual-Sport bikes sit higher than most other motorcycles. It gives the rider a great vantage point when traveling compared to other bikes.

If the height is a problem in terms of mounting the bike, most Dual-Sport bikes come with lowering kits making these motorcycles perfect for the shorter rider.

These multi-purpose bikes have been called by a few different names or nicknames, which can sometimes be confusing. Dualies, Enduros, All-Purpose bikes, and other descriptions have all been used when describing Dual-Sport motorcycles. 

Dual-Sport bikes offer a good combination of power, agility, comfort, and lower fuel consumption for everyday use.

Most off-road trail adventures involve having to cart your bike to the location on your trailer and normally requires having to load up your bike and off-load your bike at the start and end of each day. 

The Dual-Sport solves these problems by being a one-stop-shop for your traveling adventures. 

The Benefits Of A Dual-Sport Motorcycle

  1. Dual- Sport motorcycles are built for off-road durability and strength while still catering for a little more comfort than a typical off-road bike.
  2. The strong design and build make the bike less likely to get damaged if crashed and light enough to pick up after a fall.
  3. The bike’s seat design and lack of a windscreen allow for a wide range of different body positions when having some high-intensity off-road fun!
  4. The Dual-Sport has good acceleration up to 65mph, and it is easy to maneuver and control.

The Cons Of A Dual-Sport Motorcycle

  1. The highway performance of Dual-Sport motorcycles has been recognized as a disadvantage, especially due to there being no windscreen, which can cause a rider to feel a little bit weary after a decent amount of travel.
  2. The front fender can flop around when reaching high speeds on the bike, proving to be annoying for the rider.
  3. Once the bike reaches speeds over 65mph, the single-cylinder engine can start to buzz or vibrate and make a noise. When riding my dual sport bike, I found riding on the highway can become uncomfortable after 30min of consistent high speeds.
  4. Dual-Sport bikes have smaller gas tanks, which means there will be a need to stop for gas more frequently when traveling longer distances. This can also be a problem when traveling in more rural areas where gas stops are a lot more spread out.
  5. Dual-Sport bikes also have a lower oil volume, which requires more regular oil changes and services.
  6. The off-road tires used on Dual-Sport bikes are also known to wear quicker than normal road tires used on street bikes. 
  7. Most of the disadvantages are related to more road use than off-road trails.

Is A Dual-Sport Motorcycle A Good First Bike?

Learning to ride both on the roads and off-road can take some time as a rider becomes more familiar with the bike and learns how to maneuver and control it.

Dual-Sport motorcycles’ simplicity makes them a great first bike for riders who are just beginning to learn the motorcycling craft. These bikes will give any rider a good understanding of motorcycle dynamics, and they are relatively easy to work on and repair.

Dual-Sport motorcycles have been recommended by many as a great starting bike; however, that does not take away from even the most experienced riders enjoying a Dual-Sport Motorcycle’s benefits!

Dual-Sport Motorcycles’ price range varies based on the brand and model but can be anything from $2000 – $13000. The price increases based on the engine and the size of the bike.

Most people become interested in Dual-Sport bikes with a dream of making a long journey or a big holiday trip. An essential aspect to consider is the brand of Dual-Sport bike that you purchase and the parts availability.

Dual Sport Recommended Brands And Models



For bikers who love adventure but still need an everyday bike, a Dual-Sport Motorcycle comes with all the benefits that meet the rider’s needs and make adventures and trips easier and more economical. 

The look and riding experience of Dual-Sport bikes makes you want to go on an off-road adventure, knowing you don’t have to stress about getting your bike to the specific locations. 

Owners of Dual-Sport motorcycles have gone as far as to say that owning one of these bikes has increased their quality of life. Having the ability to quickly pack a bag and begin a road trip with a bike that can take you anywhere can make weekends a whole lot more fun!

The features and characteristics of the bike are simple yet perfect for this all-around motorcycle. Dual-Sport bikes are the biker’s answer to the search for a motorcycle that can do everything as long as you are willing to forgo some of the bike’s cons.

Make sure you carry out some thorough research when looking to purchase your motorcycle, including knowing exactly what you want to be able to use the bike for.

If you are looking for a motorcycle that you will use as just a commuter on the tarmac, then there are better options out there for you; however, if your looking for something to take you off-road as well, then take a few for a test ride before making any buying decisions.

If you are questioning whether or not buying a Dual-Sport Motorcycle is worth it, there are many enthusiastic Dual-Sport riders out there who will tell you that it is definitely worth the money! 

Happy Riding!

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