Working For Deliveroo – How to Earn £1000 a Week

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Owning a motorcycle, Scooter or car costs money, and I have found that a good way to earn extra money to pay for your car, motorcycle, or scooter is to deliver for Deliveroo.

Hi, I’m Carlo, and I have been delivering for Deliveroo for over 6 years, and in this article, I will tell you what it is like to deliver for this company. It is possible to earn £1000 or 1170 Euros working as a Deliveroo rider and I share with you the tips and tricks you need to know.

The Best way is cause to get started and see. But reading the article will save you time, and better time management in this job means more earnings.

Is working for Deliveroo Worth It?

Here’s the answer:

It is possible to earn £1000 in a week being a Deliveroo rider, but the average amount you can expect to earn is £400 to £700 per week depending on how many hours you work, the time of day you work, and whether you work in a large city or small town. Working for Deliveroo is worth it if you put in the hours.

One of the easiest ways to make money using your scooter, motorbike, or car is to deliver food for Deliveroo. Some weeks you can earn as much as £1000 if you put the hours in.

The job itself is straightforward. You will be picking up food from well-known takeaways and restaurants and not-so-well-known independent takeaways as well and delivering the food to customers’ homes.

Deliveroo riders pick up food from well-known restaurants and takeaways

To Apply for a Deliveroo Job just click the link below.

If you own a Scooter, Motorcycle, or Car and are finding it hard to find a job, Deliveroo offers a unique opportunity to financially keep you afloat or even thrive if you want to go about it in the right way.

I will share the right way to deliver for Deliveroo with you, so you don’t end up being one of the newbie riders earning just £3 an hour, as reported in some news articles.

When working at busy times (Friday -Sunday evenings 6 pm – 9 pm), it is possible to earn £25 per hour or even more as you will get tips as well sometimes. You will earn a lot less if delivering outside these hours.

To be a high earner in this job (sorry Deliveroo, gig), there are many, many variables you need to consider. As you read the potential earnings below, you will clearly see how your commitment to the gig is what makes you the money.

How to Earn Only £3 an hour as a Deliveroo Rider (Not How To Do It!)

Join Deliveroo as a cyclist, then go out with your bicycle to work when there is low demand showing on the Deliveroo app. (This means hardly any orders) Working at these times is a guaranteed way to get few to no orders and earn nothing at all, too minimum wage if you’re lucky. This is the fast track way to making £0 to £3 in an hour and deflating your morale rapidly.

Definitely Do Not Deliver for Deliveroo like this!

Deliveroo rider on bicycle

You don’t need to worry about earning small amounts as you will be applying to deliver as a Motorcycle/scooter rider or in your car when applying through any of the links within this article.

Using your Motorcycle, scooter or car puts you in a much stronger position as a delivery person for Deliveroo as the Deliveroo app can now send you on longer distances to pick up and deliver the food.

This in turn means you will receive many more orders and earn a lot more money!

Can You Earn £10+ an hour as a Deliveroo Rider?

As a scooter/motorcycle rider for Deliveroo, you may earn as little as £8 per hour when there is low demand (not many orders) but will earn as high as £30 per hour in High demand times. (Super busy times) So the key here is to deliver more at busy times of the day.

The Deliveroo algorithm appears to have an element of trust to it. What I mean by this is as a new rider, the orders don’t flood through straight away, but as trust is built up between you and Deliveroo the orders will start to come quick and fast when it’s busy.

To build trust with Deliveroo, all you have to do is collect the food from the restaurants and deliver them to the customer without any issues. If you carry out the job correctly each time, the app (Deliveroo) will start to trust you and give you more jobs to fulfil.

Can You Earn £500 a Week as a Deliveroo Rider?

I have another job as well delivering for Deliveroo, and so I choose to earn in the realm of £500 a week from Deliveroo to top up my earnings from my other job. If you work at busy times, £500 earnings can be achieved in as little as 3 or 4 days.

Don’t forget, you are self-employed and can work as much or as little as you want to!

If you want a Deliveroo job just click on the link below. It will take you through to Deliveroo’s application site.

Weekly invoices showing payments from Deliveroo
Here are some of my weekly invoices from Deliveroo

The table below shows you how I earn £500 per week making deliveries for Deliveroo.

These are the exact times I work when completing my Deliveroo job.

How I make £500 per week
on a scooter
Best times to work
Earn £500
In 5 Days
11 am to 3 pm & 5 pm to 9 pm
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Earn £500
In 4 Days
11 am to 3 pm & 5 pm to 9 pm
Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Earn £500
In 3 Days
9 am to 3.30 pm & 5 pm to 10 pm
Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The Table Below Shows You How I Earn £1000 a Week as a Deliveroo Rider

How I make £1000 per week
on a scooter
working all these days
Best Days to workBest Times to work
Monday, Tuesday Wednesday & Thursdays7 am to 10 am (Coffee break)
11 am to 3 pm (lunch with an hour to digest)
5 pm to 9 pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday7 am to 10 am (Coffee break)
11 am to 3 pm (lunch with an hour to digest)
5 pm to 10 pm

When I work these hours I usually need a couple of days off afterwards, but if you need the money it is possible to earn £1000 within a week delivering for Deliveroo. You will have to be delivered in a busy city though.

How Often Do you get Paid with Deliveroo?

Deliveroo pays out every Tuesday, but a nice option they have recently added is the ‘Get Paid’ option within the app itself.

Get Paid Button within the Deliveroo App

One of the best things about having a Deliveroo job is that clicking the get paid option within the Deliveroo app allows you to cash out whenever you want, for a small administration charge of 50p.

This is great when you need to get a full day’s work in to make the rent, and then at the end of the day, you can transfer the money earned that day from your app to your bank account and get that bill paid.

Funds transfer from the Deliveroo app to your bank account instantly if not, with a couple of hours. This is one of the excellent benefits of having a Deliveroo job!

How Do You Apply to Work with Deliveroo?

Deliveroo has made it very simple to apply to become a Deliveroo rider. Just click the button below or any apply button within this article.

What Insurance Do You Need Insurance To Deliver For Deliveroo?

You will need to have delivery insurance for your Car, Motorcycle or Scooter to deliver for Deliveroo.

When you apply to Deliveroo they will ask you if you have courier insurance?

You need to apply for this separately.

I have found that the best delivery insurance for a 125cc scooter is Zego Ltd, as you will only pay insurance for the hours you work.

Many other riders with larger-engined scooters and motorcycles also use this company (they will insure a motorcycle or scooter up to 500cc). You can also use this company if you are thinking of using your car to deliver.

Just click HERE and you will be taken through to Zego Insurance where you can find more information or apply.

If you plan to deliver for Deliveroo 20 or so hours a week, you can pay for your insurance every month. Working these hours will mean that you will pay about £5 a day for your insurance.

If you decide you want to work full time, it is well worth moving onto the annual payment plan. This is around £130 a month for ten months if you pay monthly and less if you pay for the whole year in total.

This may sound quite expensive, but if you consider you will be earning about £500 per week or more, this is quite a reasonable amount to pay to be delivering food legally.

A Simple Trick to Get More Tips.

You may not think that thinking about tips is the way to go and that an extra £10 to £30 in tips a day doesn’t amount to much. It all adds up, believe me. even just £10 a day in tips is an extra free £300 a month. Follow this one simple tip and it should add an extra 20 to 30% to your tip rate, or much more.

A lot of people actually have money in their hands when they answer the door. But the majority of drivers, have their headphones on under their helmets and may even still have the vizor down on their motorcycle helmets. So when the door opens the rider quickly hands the food over to the customer and leaves. Not even giving the customer the time to engage, say thanks and hand over the tip they are holding.

“Give the Customer Time to Show there Gratudite. Wait! Just one quarter of a second”

Carlo quoting himself

The trick to getting more tips is simply to deliver the food just slightly slower. the best way would be

  1. Have your vizor up so you can maintain clear eye contact
  2. Ideally more music down, so a conversation can be had
  3. Smile, and say “Hello” when they open the door
  4. Hand the food over (ideally not to the hand holding money if you see that they are)
  5. Slowly say (while holding eye contact) “Enjoy your food”
  6. wait quarter of a second

If they had any intention of giving you a tip, you have just given them the best position to do so.

This is a good practice to get used to. if you want to personalise your customer service, even more, try building instant rapport with a quick opener. Here are some examples of openers to try out.

  • “Hello, That is a beautiful garden, you must have spent ages working on it”
  • “Hi, That is a beautiful dog, What type of dog is it?”
  • ” Hello, Love the motorcycle! That would have been my first choice, if only I could do deliveries on it haha”

Remember to have fun with it, this is all just little extras that can add nicely to the jobs and of the week payslip. The most I have ever been tipped in one go was £20, and I have heard of people getting £50 tips. But this is not as standard. But there are some wonderful, crazy, wonderful people out there. So make sure that you position yourself into a position of receiving. Then it will come, just a matter of time

Best Cities in the UK to Have a Deliveroo Job

You can now get Deliveroo jobs in most cities and towns in the UK and Europe, But not all earnings are equal, and you must make sure that the volume of orders are there so you have more of a guarantee to make your earnings.

What to look for is tightly populated towns and cities and if they have a university even better. Students are around 50% of Deliveroo customers so a university city is always a good sign for good earnings to come.

Where are the best places in the UK to be a Deliveroo Rider? Here are the best 20 locations in the United Kingdom to have a Deliveroo job:

  1. London
  2. Brighton
  3. Manchester
  4. Birmingham
  5. Edingburgh
  6. Leicester
  7. Leeds
  8. Glasgow
  9. Bristol
  10. Liverpool
  11. Norwich
  12. York
  13. Cambridge
  14. Newcastle
  15. Aberdeen
  16. Cardiff
  17. Newcastle
  18. Portsmouth
  19. Kingston
  20. Sheffield

You have the potential to earn over £800, if not over £1000 a week working as a Deliveroo driver in the about cities. Click on the city to apply.

7 Top Tips on How to Maximize your Deliveroo Earnings

Here are 7 Top Tips to Maximize your earnings when working as a Deliveroo rider

  1. Always ask how long the order will be before its ready
  2. Don’t wait more than 10 minutes for an order generally
  3. During busy times, reject any orders that you know will keep you waitingAnother order will always come through
  4. Heated Grips and Mitts during colder months keeps you out delivering much longer
  5. Scooter apron, like mitts keeping warm, keeps you out longer and earns you more
  6. Make sure you top up your petrol when there is low demand on the app
  7. Wait one quarter of a second – Allow your customers to show there gratitude

Stay Covid Safe working for Deliveroo

I hope after reading this article you are more confident that you will be able to earn decent money delivering for Deliveroo.

Stay safe!


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