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Have you recently purchased your first motorcycle and want to know how to start it? Maybe this is the first time you are sitting on a motorcycle and want to be sure you can start it correctly?

Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever your question is, I am here with the answer that you need! 

When it comes to starting a motorcycle, the first question that enters your head is sure to be, how do I start it? So you do what anyone would do, you head online in search of the answers.

But instead of finding a simple answer, you are met with conflicting and contradicting information which leaves you even more unsure about how to start the motorcycle! 

The last thing you want when you are riding is to be unsure how you use it, especially as you could hurt yourself in the process, but where else can you turn?

Well, turn to me! Today, I am here with a step-by-step guide that will walk you through how to start a motorcycle. Just keep reading to become an expert today! 

How To Start A Motorcycle 

Let’s get straight into today’s article! There are three different ways that you can start a motorcycle, depending on the type of motorcycle that you have.

I have a step-by-step guide for each method, so simply find the method that best suits your motorcycle and go from there! Let’s look at the methods now. 

Method 1 – Starting Your Motorcycle 

This method can be used for all motorcycles, so I have provided you with a bit more detail. Let’s take a look at it now! 

Work Out What Type You Have 

First, you need to determine whether your motorcycle is a carburetor based or a fuel-injected one. Older or cheaper motorcycles don’t have modern fuel injection systems, which can be a good way of telling what type you have. Or you can look for a choke control.

You can normally find this on the left handlebar and are exclusive to carburetor-based motorcycles. 

Once you have established what type you have, you can move on!

Take A Seat

Next, sit on your motorcycle. You should always do this when starting it, so you can get riding straight away! It also allows you to control everything when you are starting the motorcycle. 

You will want your bike to be in neutral so that it doesn’t move without you! If you are unsure, you can find neutral in between the first and second gear. 

Check Your Motorcycle 

You will now want to check that your motorcycle is in good condition and ready to be ridden. You will want a charged battery and plenty of gas so you can enjoy your ride! If it’s been a while, you might need to service your motorcycle, especially if it has been left in a cold or damp location. 

Servicing can involve fitting new spark plugs, cleaning the motorcycle, checking your ignition timing, and having any old or worn parts replaced. You should only use parts your manufacturer has recommended, or consult a professional if you are unsure.

Check Your Oil 

Before you start your motorcycle, check the oil level! If there is too much, not enough, or no oil, it can damage the engine when you try to start the motorcycle! Save yourself the trouble of replacing part or all of your engine, and check the oil level before you start. 

Check Your Battery

Finally, check your battery. Put your key in and turn it clockwise to turn the lights on. If no light turns on, then the battery is dead. Recharge it or install a new one so that your motorcycle can start. 

Once you have completed these checks, you can move on and start your engine! Use either of my methods below to start your motorcycle with ease.

Method 2 – Fuel Injected Motorcycles 

  1. To start, pop your motorcycle in neutral, which is usually between the first and second gear.
  2. Next, pull the clutch towards the handlebar. Your clutch is often on the left-hand side, in front of the grip. You can also pull the front brake, on the right handlebar while you pull the clutch. 
  3. Then press and hold the start button. You can usually find this on the right handlebar, near where your hand rests. 
  4. If this doesn’t start your motorcycle, then try using the throttle while you press the start button. When doing this, keep the clutch held all the way. 

Method 3 – Carbureted Motorcycle 

  1. Start by finding the cut-off switch, or the choke. This tends to be on the handlebar or mounted on your carburetor. Depending on how cold your engine is, you might need to use more choke to heat your motorcycle. If your motorcycle has been running and the engine is hot, you will only need a small amount of throttle. 
  2. Next check the cut-off switch is on. Make sure the handlebar throttle twist grip is closed now to prevent the engine from flooding. 
  3. Using your ignition, turn the switch on. This should make your dash light up, with a green light showing you are in neutral. 
  4. Now it’s time to start the engine. Squeeze your clutch and hold the lever down. Push your start button and you should hear your motorcycle coming to life! 
  5. Once your engine has fired, close the choke lever and open the throttle slightly. You might need to keep the choke on for a little while as you start to ride, but once you can, close it. Once the throttle is closed you can expect your motorcycle to run smoothly. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the ways that you can start a motorcycle! Remember to perform all the checks outlined in the first method to ensure that your motorcycle is safe and ready to be used. Don’t forget your helmet either, you don’t want to hurt yourself while you are riding

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