How To Wheelie A Motorcycle

Among motorcyclists, the wheelie is the stunt that is the most well-known and the one that is performed the most frequently. Even people who are not in the motorcycling world know what a wheelie is. 

 “Doing a wheelie” may be a fun pastime, but it is also a pretty dangerous move to try. You must be a very skilled rider with a lot of experience to even begin trying to do this move. 

If you know how to do a wheelie properly and keep control of it while you’re doing it, you should be able to put on a good show without causing any injury to yourself or others around you. 

Even though there are a number of different ways to perform a wheelie, the majority of motorcycle experts recommend that you begin by mastering the power wheelie, which is the most fundamental kind of a wheelie.

This wheelie will teach you how to ride your bicycle with confidence while it is balanced on its back wheel. Below, we have written a step-by-step guide on how t perform a wheelie safely. Follow these steps and you will have mastered the wheelie in no time!

Start In First Gear

You’ll find that learning how to do a wheelie on the motorcycle is a lot less difficult if you start out by putting it in first gear. 

Because it is the gear with the lowest overall ratio, the first gear is the one that makes climbing hills the least challenging. You don’t need to worry about shifting gears when you are doing power wheelies because you utilize the acceleration of your bike to pull the front wheel forward. 

Build Up Speed

To be able to perform a wheelie successfully, the major aim is to reach a high enough speed so that your front tire may be lifted into the air.

When learning how to do wheelies for the first time, it is recommended that you do them at a speed that is between 10 and 15 miles per hour. If you try to pull off a wheelie when you are traveling at a sluggish speed, you won’t have enough power to lift the front wheel since you won’t be moving fast enough. 

If you are going too fast, you run the danger of losing control of your bike. This might cause you to twist the throttle, which is a maneuver that should be avoided at all times

If you keep a consistent speed throughout, you will be able to master the wheelie and ride it for a longer amount of time. 

As an extra tip, before you start to speed into your wheelie, lift off the gas just a little bit. This tip will help prevent you from crashing. 

By doing this, you will experience a more noticeable kick whenever you push on the gas pedal, and the increased power will make it possible for your front wheel to lift in a more controlled manner.

Bringing The Wheel Up

After very slightly dropping down the speed, push down hard on the throttle. While you are doing so, you should pull up hard on the front of the bike, while leaning back ever so slightly. 

If you get the feeling that you are going back too far, just put a little bit of pressure on the parking brake so that you don’t go all the way back.

Bringing The Wheel Up

This will stop you from tipping the bike over completely. The front-wheel will go back down to its original position when you apply pressure to the rear brake. 

As your wheel is ready to make contact with the ground, you should do all in your power to ensure that it lands on a straight path. The vibrations created by the collision may cause you to lose your balance and fall off the bike if the wheel does not settle in a completely straight position.

Keeping Your Balance

Once you have succeeded in getting the wheel into the air, the next step is to find your balance so that the wheel can stay in the air. Lean back on the rear side of the bike and make sure that your center of gravity and the bike’s center of gravity is in the same area by adjusting your body position in the seat. 

You will lose your balance, which will cause the bike to tilt, and you will lose control of the wheelie if you tip the bike either forward or backward while you are doing a wheelie. If you are able to keep your balance while riding a wheelie, you will be able to execute it for a longer period of time.


You just need to use the rear brake on your motorbike when you are ready to finish the wheelie and bring the front end of your bike back down. As you make your way back down, be careful to use the parking brake in a very alow and controlled manner. 

If you press down on the brake pedal with an excessive amount of power, the front wheel may slide to the ground at an excessively high rate, which may lead you to lose your balance and fall. 


The task of mastering the wheelie is one that every serious rider wants to do.

Even though it is a lot of fun to do, you need to make sure that you are doing it safely by practicing in a remote spot away from other riders and by making sure that you are wearing the appropriate gear. In addition, you need to make sure that you are doing it in a well-lit area. 

If you keep practicing it step by step, you will be able to master the wheelie in no time at all. When you eventually get the hang of it, popping wheelies will become a ton of fun for you.

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