Are Motorcycle Warranties Worth The Extra Money? A Helpful Guide

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Manufacturers & Dealers Make Big Profits From Selling Extended Warranties

You’ve probably all heard that when you purchase a new motorcycle, it could come with a one, two, or possibly five-year manufactures warranty. You may also have the option to extend this warranty by a further number of years if you pay an extra fee.

This could be an excellent option for some people, but it all depends on your personal circumstances.

So, are motorcycle warranties worth the extra money?

If your planning to keep the motorcycle for several years past the manufacturer’s warranty, it could be beneficial. However, be careful not to purchase the extra warranty past the length of time you plan to keep your new motorcycle, as many warranties purchased cannot be transferred to a new user.

One of the reasons extended warranties are being sold on the market is to make the insurer and the dealer a profit. There are big profits to be made by the insurers and dealers alike, so if you consider going down the extended warranty route, be aware that some outstanding offers are available, so don’t opt for the recommended retail price the dealer offers you.

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Negotiation is key here as you definitely have the upper hand, considering you could spend a lot of money with the dealer when purchasing your new motorcycle.

Don’t be rushed into choosing an option. Sit down, read through the information that will be made available to you, and ask questions about what is actually covered in the extended warranty and what is not!

There is definitely a deal to be had. The best deal would probably be to opt for a longer warranty period of 5 years and try to reduce the cost by 50% or so, always considering what the warranty offers and whether it is transferable to a new person if you were to sell your motorcycle for example.

Please keep in mind that different motorcycle manufacturers include a one, two, or even five-year warranty with a new motorcycle purchase, which may be perfectly adequate for your needs.

In my own experience of purchasing extended warranties, they cost me money as I never kept the motorcycle for the length of time the extended warranty covered. It did not make the motorcycle worth any more money when I went to trade it in.

Please be aware that this is my own experience and may not be the same for you, so maybe one of the questions you should ask the dealer is just that.

“If I purchase the extended warranty and trade the bike for another one whilst the extended warranty is still live, will the motorcycle be worth any more money?”

However, there may be other reasons you want to add an extended warranty to your new purchase, so the cost may not be that important to you. We all have different reasons for the choices we make.

Is A Motorbike Warranty Transferable To A New Owner?

When purchasing a new motorcycle, the manufacturer will most likely include some kind of warranty with the motorcycle you are purchasing.

So, is a motorbike warranty transferable to a new owner?

Usually, the bike has the warranty, not the bike owner, so when sold the first time, in some cases but not all, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner. This depends on the bike manufacturer and its terms and conditions, so ensure you have all the relevant information when you make the original purchase.

Honda Crosstourer, Red Honda Crosstourer 2020

Manufacturers of motorcycles do change their warranty information from time to time and also can offer some special offers at certain times of the year,

Below is a table of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers and an included link to the manufacturer’s current warranty page.

For your convenience, the link will open in a new tab, so you will be able to continue reading this article without losing your place.

Manufacturer’s Current Warranty Information

Link To Manufacturer’s Current
Warranty Information
Warranty Period
Aprila 2
Ducati Multistrada4
Moto Guzzi4
MV Agusta3
Royal Enfield2
Click On The Link Above To Go Directly To The Company Current Warranty Info

Can I Extend My Motorcycle Warranty?

When purchasing a new motorcycle, there are usually offers available to extend the manufacturer’s warranty length.

So, is it worth paying extra to extend the warranty of your new motorcycle?

Most Motorcycle manufacturers allow you to extend your motorcycle warranty once the initial cover ends, which will give you further peace of mind if you are thinking of keeping your new bike past the first warranty period, which comes when you purchase it. This can be very beneficial.

However, this does usually come at an extra cost. After some research, I found that typically but not in all cases, you should be able to negotiate a better deal if you buy the extended warranty with the purchase of your new motorcycle.

This is what Honda says about their extended warranty on their website:

PLease use the links above to visit your chosen manufacturer

‘After your initial two-year warranty runs out, you won’t be left high and dry. We offer an extended one-year or two-year warranty. It comes with no mileage restrictions, so you can ride as far and for as long as you like.

You’ll get Honda Genuine Maintenance parts fitted by Honda technicians, and you can make an unlimited number of claims – right up to the original purchase price of the bike.

All this, including Roadside Assistance, can be transferred to the next owner if you want to sell your bike. That can really help increase the resale value should you want to sell your machine.

Our genuine parts are of identical quality to those we use in the manufacture of our bikes. So you know you’re getting optimal value for money, reliability, and peace of mind.

For the full details visit your nearest authorised Honda dealer or take a look at our extended guarantees.’

Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your chosen motorcycle what they actually include within the extended warranty, as I found that they do differ in the number of extra years available to buy and the type of extended warranty on offer, as well as quite a large price difference.

In my opinion, one of the most important questions is what is NOT covered in the extended warranty.

At the end of the day, deciding to purchase an extended warranty for your new motorcycle is a personal choice, so there is no real right or wrong answer to whether an extended warranty is worth it.

Just make sure that you are certain that you know what is covered in the warranty and what is not covered.

Extended warranties can be excellent value and offer some excellent benefits, but be careful not to be sold something you really don’t need.

Happy riding!

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