Motorcycle Cleaning Products

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit: Aerosol Filter Cleaner and Oil Kit; Restores Engine Air Filter Performance

  • This air filter cleaning kit cleans all oiled K&N air filters and will make an excellent addition to your cleaning arsenal.
  • After using this high-quality cleaner it will help to restore your filter to exceptional performance by removing foreign particles from the filter allowing a return uninterrupted airflow.
  • This K&N filter cleaner kit includes Power Kleen. A powerful, highly effective degreaser that quickly dissolves filter build-up and old oil, allowing filter grime to be rinsed away with water.
  • This kit also includes K&N RED FILTER OIL: K&N red filter oil remains suspended in the pleats of the cotton filter material of High-Flow Air Filters, allowing for exceptional contaminant capture.
  • 1)Spray on Power Kleen then Rinse with water
  • 2)Allow the filter to dry
  • 3)Apply fresh filter oil
  • Once the cleaning process has been completed this product restores air flow efficiency so your K&N air filter performs like new.

S100 12000C Motorcycle Detailing Kit – 37.66 oz

  • Contains S100 Total Cycle Cleaner (16.9 ounces), Corrosion Protectant (7.2 ounces), Finish Restorer (3.56 ounce), Detail and Wax (10 ounces), Super Absorbing Drying Towel, and Sponge all in a handy storage case.
  • The first spray-on, rinse-off cleaner developed especially for motorcycles, S100 Total Cycle Cleaner creeps into every nook and cranny of your bike to thoroughly clean it without scrubbing.
  • S100 Corrosion Protestant to help seal those areas prone to rusting and corrosion
  • S100 Finish Restorer can renew tarnished metals to a brilliant shine, even often take small scratches out of plastics
  • S100 Detail and Wax removes that dust, those spots, and the bug residue

This is my TOP PICK cleaning kit. I have used this product for many years. It brings my motorcycles up extremely clean. The finish restorer which comes within this set is absolutely fantastic!