Motorcycle Gloves Buyers Guide

Your hands are the first part of your body that will make contact with the floor in an accident or mishap while riding your motorcycle, so it’s a good idea to protect them with a good quality pair of gloves.

You use your hands to activate the controls on your bike, apply the front brake and control your speed using the throttle.

Also even without thinking about it you hand are also an important part in balancing your body.

There are too many riders who buy a pair of motorcycle gloves without giving too much thought to it, but buying gloves that will protect your hands and feel comfortable and flexible enough to control all the different controls on a motorcycle is more important than you think. Some thought should be put into this purchase.

What is the ideal fit of a motorcycle glove?

When trying on a pair of motorcycle gloves, ideally, you should be able to feel the leather between the joints of your fingers, and the leather should not be too tight between the index finger and thumb. There should, in fact, be enough leather where you will be able to pinch the leather together between your index finger and your thumb.

Do take into concideration that leather will give (streatch) over time.

Summer Gloves

When purchasing summer motorcycle gloves ther is a lot to choose from. One of the main things to look out for is making sure that there is excellent knuckle protection on the gloves and that this protection dose not restrict your hand movements.

Don’t forget you will need to be able to easily operate the controls of your bike with them on.

With the gloves secured correctly now open and close your fist a few times to make sure that the knuckle protection dose not rub on your hands making you feel uncomfortable. Whilst carrying out this test also make sure that your hands have enough flexability to give full movement of your fingures and hand.

There are quite a few types of securing options for gloves so make sure you are happy with how they secure. Some gloves have a more complicated way of securing than others so make sure you buy a pair you can get along with.

If you can find a pair of gloves with palm protection (Scapoiad protection) then in my opinion it is certainly worth the extra money as motorcyclists injering their palms is one of the most regular injuries.

Winter Gloves

All the same things to look out for and try are the same if you are looking to purchase a pair of winter gloves.

However, one extra thing to take into concideration is if you are thinking of wearing a pair of inner gloves as well and if so make sure you try the gloves on together. You may be supprised at how much space a slim thermal gloves takes up in a winter motorcycle glove taking it from a winter motorcycle glove which fits well to on that is to tight.

My Top Pick Summer Motorcycle Glove

Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove

  • Full premium leather main and mesh chassis construction, plus strategic perforation zones and air mesh for improved breathability.
  • Synthetic suede zones and side padding reinforcement for durability, additional abrasion resistance, and comfort.
  • Hard polymer knuckle protection system for superior impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Stretch zone on fingers and backhand for comfort and improved range of hand movement.
  • Hoop and loop grip wrist closure help keep the glove securely positioned.

Prices can change so:

Click HERE for the current price on Amazon If you live in North America

Click HERE for the current price on Amazon if you live in the UK

My Top Pick Winter Motorcycle Glove

Cortech Men’s Scarab 2.0 Winter Motorcycle Glove

  • Constructed using Abrasion-Resistant drum dyed goatskin leather
  • Hipora three-layer waterproof and breathable liner
  • 100G 3Mtm Thinsulate insulation
  • Abrasion-resistant moulded Hitena knuckle and outside wrist guard
  • Hitena wrapped PU foam protectors on the fingers and hee

Prices can change so:

Click HERE for the current price on Amazon If you live in North America

Click HERE for the current price on Amazon if you live in the UK

My Top Winter-Heated Gloves

Gerbing Heated Gloves

I have owned these heated gloves for about two and a half years and have found them to be an excellent addition to my motorcycle gear. These are my go-to gloves from the autumn all the way through to the spring.

I ride my motorcycles throughout the year, and when the temperature starts to get really cold, I plug these gloves in, and they really do keep my hands warm.

There are 3 levels of heat with Gerbing heated gloves, Blue, Amber and Red.

The Blue or 1st heat setting heats the gloves slightly, and I don’t use this setting much, but it is pleasant to warm my hands slightly on a cool spring evening when I’m out riding.

The Amber or 2nd heat setting is when you can start to feel that the glove’s temperature is heating up, and you begin to feel that your hands are getting warm.

The Red or 3rd heat temperature is where you can definitely feel your hand getting hot, and this is usually the one I start with and then turn the heat down if I need to.

I have found that using these heated gloves heats not only my hands but also has the effect of heating the whole top half of my body, and I’m able to concentrate on my riding again rather than the cold I was feeling.

I have found that not only use these gloves when it is freezing out, but I also use them in the springtime and Autumn as the thickness of these gloves is ideal for keeping your hands warm without using the electrical part of the glove.

In my opinion, I have found these gloves to be really high quality and are my number one go-to gloves.

They are no good to use in the summertime, so that’s when my lightweight summer motorcycle gloves see all the action!

Due to the fact prices change all the time:

If you live in North America, click HERE. It will direct you to Amazon, where you will be able to check out the current price.

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