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X-Lite X-803 Stoner Replica Motorcycle Helmet

 X-Lite X803 Motorcycle Helmet
X-Lite X803 Motorcycle Helmet

I purchased an X-Lite X-803 motorcycle helmet about 18 months ago and have found the helmet to be lighter than my old helmet definitely.

This helmet is noticeably lightweight, and I find it very comfortable to wear. A lot of thought has been given to the design of this helmet as it sits on the crown of my head exceptionally well balanced, which I’m sure adds to why it feels so light.

I have been using this helmet every day for short trips and long-distance touring and finding it an excellent all-rounder.

I find that the helmet’s internal padding is also well designed, and I can easily remove it when I want to give it a clean in the washing machine.

I wash all the internal padding at a tempreture of 30 degrees and use regular washing powder or liquid. I dry them in our tumble dryer or sometimes leave them on the radiator for a while. They wash up very well, and I have had no problems with them going out of shape.

The padding is also very easy to put back into the helmet. You click each padded part into the helmet, and it all fits back together easily.

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There is venting on this helmet on the front, backside, and rear, all adjustable. You can click each of the vents to either open or close them, but I leave them open all year round.

The visor has also been well thought out when being designed as I can get a good view of the road ahead and on both sides. I find that the field of vision on this helmet is excellent and far better than my old motorcycle helmet.

Here are a few photographs of my X-Lite motorc ycle helmet:

  1. This X-Lite helmet weighs only 5.9 pounds and is undoubtedly the ultimate race helmet. Its lightweight construction also makes this an excellent helmet for everyday use and long-distance touring.
  2. The Ultra-light, full carbon fiber construction features an elegant, race-proven profile for maximum stability at speed.
  3. The internal padding is easily removable, which makes washing very easy.
  4. The adjustable rear spoiler ensures stability and strategic venting for massive airflow.
  5. This certainly is Italian design and engineering at its finest.
  6. This excellent helmet is DOT certified FMVSS No. 218 Certified

I really help this review of my X-lite X-803 motorcycle helmet has helped you.

Happy riding!

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Shark D-Skwal Blank Motorcycle Helmet

For those of you who are looking for a decent motorcycle helmet on a budget this Shark D-Skwal motorcycle helmet would be the ideal choice.

This motorcycle helmet is constructed from a Polycarbonate compound and has a shaded sunglasses styled visor built-in.

It also has the pinlock system which is a system that is very successful stopping the visor from misting up.

The visor is also anti-scratch and this helmet also has a micro lock buckle system incorporated within its design allowing for easy securing and removal of the helmet.

The weight of this helmet is 1.7 kg

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