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Woman on motorcycle

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Motorcycle riding is no longer the domain of the male gender only. More and more women choose to ride bikes of their own, no longer being satisfied riding pillion behind a man. Motorcycle manufacturers have taken this trend into account. In 2021 we are seeing an increase in motorcycles designed for the lady riders among us, with many of these in the 500cc range for their lighter weight but still packing a punch!

Woman on motorcycle

Here are the Top 8 Best 500cc Motorcycles for women in 2021:

  1. Honda CBR500R ABS
  2. Harley-Davidson XG500 Street
  3. Benelli TRK502X
  4. Honda Rebel 500 ABS
  5. Benelli Leoncino Trail
  6. Bike XXX
  7. Honda CB500X
  8. Zero SR/F

500cc motorcycles are an ideal size for women motorcycle riders, beginners, or experienced alike. Their lightweight, graceful features make them a great-sized bike to get to grips while not compromising the availability of power and flair.

Best 500cc Motorcycles for Women

Women are becoming as fanatical about motorcycle riding as men are, and motorcycle manufacturers are sitting up and taking notice of this fact. They are producing more bikes in ranges that are suitable for women, especially ladies at the beginning of their motorcycle adventures that are just getting into bike riding.

The 500cc range of motorcycles is ideal for ladies because of their light frame and engines compared to the bigger bikes. However, these machines do not lack in the power department and can give some bigger bikes a run for their money.

While ladies are undoubtedly able to ride the more extensive, more powerful motorcycles, the 500cc range of bikes are ideal for women starting out riding because they are easier to control from a weight and power point of view.

Ladies of a smaller frame may also struggle to comfortably reach the ground with their feet on some of the bigger bikes, making the 500cc bikes a better fit for this purpose.

Honda CB500x is ideal for women riders
Honda’s CB500X is a perfect bike for women starting out riding and experienced riders alike.

Larger bikes are certainly not out of the picture for small lady riders. Low-rider bikes such as the Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe is a large bike of 1700cc but only has a seat height of a little over 24 inches, making it suitable for any woman to ride.

But for the sole purpose of this article, I will be focusing on the 500cc range of motorcycles. I have included bikes for different riding styles, from street screamers to touring bikes, so that you can find a bike that suits your riding interest.

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1. Honda CBR500R ABS

If screaming street bikes are what catches your eye in the motorcycle world, then the Honda CBR500R ABS will definitely make you catch your breath!

The engine is a double-overhead-cam twin-cylinder motor that produces a significant amount of torque. In true Honda twin style, this motor offers good low-end horsepower for those fast pull-offs and excellent performance across the entire RPM range of the bike.

This bike displays the typical aggressive-type styling typical of street bikes and definitely fills the category as eye-candy on the street! The bike is designed with a low drag coefficient and provides additional comfort for the rider by having the airflow directed around and over the rider.

The motorcycle comes in the standard Honda Red and black livery, or the pearl-white with black and yellow, which is my favourite for this bike. The CBR500R comes standard with ABS to give superior stopping power in all conditions.

The seat height on the CBR500R is 30.9-inches which makes it ideal for women of medium to tall stature. However, shorter riders may find it to be a bit of a stretch.

2. Harley-Davidson XG500 Street

If American-made is close to your heart, then nothing beats the sound of a Harley-Davidson motor thumping down the street!

The XG500 is a perfect urban street bike that carries all the classic lines of the Harley-Davidson brand. This bike is quick and nimble but gives you good torque and power when you need it most.

The seat height on this bike is a low 28.3-inches, making it suitable for women riders of all sizes. Even smaller stature women will reach the ground with both feet on this motorcycle and make a perfect motorcycle for any woman in 2021.

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3. Benelli TRK502X

Benelli is an Italian motorcycle producer who manufactures great motorcycles for all types of riding adventures. When it comes to adventure, an adventure sportbike is what you need for your riding pleasure!

The Benelli TRK502X is designed for adventure riding, where you will have a crossover of long-distance road riding and some limited off-road riding on gravel roads. This bike is rugged and can handle tough conditions while still providing good rider comfort.

The 500cc displacement engine has decent power and will be able to long miles in relative comfort without overstretching the engine’s ability.

The good ground clearance of this bike makes it suitable for tarmac, dirt, or sand, but this does make the bike a little on the tall side with a seat height of 33-inches. The bike is light and nimble, however, and makes for a superb adventure touring bike!

4. Honda Rebel 500 ABS

If you are interested in a cruiser crossed with a street bike, the Honda Rebel will certainly turn your head. This classic cruiser-style bike has a comfortable, laid-back riding position suitable for the urban streets and the highway on those longer rides.

This bike is lightweight in mass but no lightweight in the power that the 500cc displacement motor delivers. The low seat height of 27.2-inches makes this bike an easy reach for smaller stature people, and you will have no problem keeping both feet on the ground when the bike is at a standstill.

This classic-shaped bike is a pleasure to ride and is certain to make a statement wherever you deem to ride it!

5. Benelli Leoncino Trail

This is another offering from the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli. If trail riding is your type of motorcycle riding, then the Leoncino trail bike is a perfect choice. The 500cc motor provides ample power for all your off-road trail riding needs!

Leoncino means little lion, and this bike has the heart to take you anywhere! The bike comes with tires that are oriented for more off-road riding, but you can fit all-terrain type tires to the bike if you use it more often in an urban setting.

As can be expected from a trail bike, the seat height is a little high at 32.1-inches, but it is not too much of a stretch.

6. Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Bike

If you are into bikes with a retro look, then this bike that has classic lines that date back to motorcycles of the World War Two era is one you should most definitely take a look at as an option for you.

While the Royal Enfield Bullet may look retro, it does come with modern features such as ABS. Even though this bike has a 500cc engine, it is no speed merchant. It is designed rather for off and on-road use and is a bike that is ridden for its class and history rather than its blistering performance.

This motorcycle is a rough and ready bike that is intended to be multipurpose handling cross country off-road riding and urban streets. If you do a lot of highway riding, this bike is probably not suitable for you, but as a street commuter with classical historical styling, it makes perfect sense.

The seat height is a mid-range 31.5 inches which makes it reachable for most women motorcycle riders, and the upright riding position should not pose any problems with reach.

7. Honda CB500X

We had to put in another adventure sport or adventure touring bike because this is such a good all-around, multipurpose bike.

The Honda CB500X has a great riding position that will allow you to see over the traffic if you use it as a commuter but will also give you comfort for those long-distance fun rides, whether in the dirt or on asphalt.

The long-travel suspension gives a comfortable ride, even in the dirt, and the 500cc motor delivers good torque to make it a great choice for the urban setting as well. The generous windscreen will direct the wind pressure away from your body for those long highway trips, preventing rider fatigue.

The seat height is 32.8 inches, but this should not pose too much of a challenge for most ladies or medium to tall stature.

8. Zero SR/F

If you are a rider that has cares for the environment as a top-listed priority, then this USA brand of the motorcycle will be an attractive option for you.

Zero produces electric motorcycles in various styles, and the Zero SR/F is a naked café racer style motorcycle. The engine of the Zero SR/F is electric, so it is not measured in cubic centimetres, but this bike will give you similar performance to that of a gasoline-powered 500cc motorcycle.

The modern café racer style of the bike fits right in in the urban environment, and the maximum speed of 124mph is more than sufficient for highway use. It takes 80 minutes to fully charge the bike’s batteries which will give you a city range of about 160 miles and a 200-mile range of low traffic riding.

Zero offers a number of bikes in different styles and will be well worth checking out if eco-friendly riding is your thing! The seat height of 31-inches on this bike makes it a suitable choice for most sized women riders.


In the motorcycle industry, there are many motorcycles suited to women riders in 2021 as the manufacturers see the potential of this rapidly growing segment. These bikes can be in the range of 250cc up to the superbike range.

The mid-range bikes between 350cc and 600cc are generally more popular with women because they are usually lighter but still have a good turn of speed and power.

The 500cc models are right in the middle of this range and are an excellent choice for women riders who want to get the whole motorcycle riding experience, including speed and power, but without the bulk and weight of the bigger bikes.

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I personally own a 2021 Honda CB500X and can tell you without a doubt that this motorcycle is definitely worth a look.

Happy riding!


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